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The best water for your fish

Water quality is what we are all trying to achieve. Be careful, your water may look clean but is your water clear of contaminants? If you are not sure, I can help. I can provide a full set of water parameter tests to give a diagnosis to your issues or just give you peace of mind. Please give me a call.



Clear and unbiased advice

Pond water testing

I will carry out a full set of water tests to determine the state of your pond water. Included will be the following:

  • PH

  • Ammonia

  • Nitrite

  • Nitrate

  • Chlorine

  • Alkalinity

  • TDS

  • Temperature

  • Copper

Tap water testing

How can we keep our ponds at there best when our tap water is not the best. I will do a full set of tests to determine your tap water quality and then we can discuss the situation. I can suggest who to speak to, to sort out all your pre filter issues.

Visit pricing.

Prices are based on an individual travel distance and work required. They will be based on a price for return travel plus two hours work which will cover most jobs. All tests will be charged on top of standard charge. After that a price will be offered at an hourly rate. I will bring all equipment with me with the exception of bowls, nets and socks in the interest of cross contamination and bio security. Any medications used would be an additional cost.

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