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I am a keen and dedicated koi keeper, who has been keeping fish of some sort since I was a child. I always had the dream of owning a koi pond, which I eventually built in the summer of 2006. Since then I have been on the steep learning curve that is our beautiful hobby.

In the past I have suffered from taking poor advice and losing fish after being turned away by a local vet. I have spent the last twenty years learning about water quality and fish health. I would like to offer my help to others that may not have the luxury of taking that same journey.

Since Covid I have been taking the courses for the Koi scholarship with Koi Organisation International. I can confirm that I have passed the course and I am officially a certified Koi Keeper. Additionally I have now completed the advanced  nutrition course as well.


Long Eaton, Nottingham

07306 827304

Image by Amit Kaushal
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