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Putting Your koi's needs First.

Not something that we all enjoy doing, but it is a necessary evil of our hobby. A clean and well maintained filter gives a happy pond. If you are not sure what you need to do ,give me a call. If you don’t like doing it, give me a call. I can arrange to carry out any level of pond and filter maintenance you may require. If you have moved into a new house with a pond and have no idea what to do, please give me a call.



Above and Beyond


Regular monthly or annual checks

I understand that some people do not have the luxury of the time to properly manage and maintain the health of their koi pond. I am offering a complete maintenance service that will allow you to enjoy all of the beauty of a koi pond, without any of the hassle.

My pond maintenance packages can accommodate varying budgets and ponds of all sizes. I will ensure that your pond is tested for optimum health and your pond fish are monitored regularly. I will be offering:


  • Complete maintenance packages

  • Customised options to fit your needs.

  • Filter cleaning, pre filter monitoring and replacement

  • regular and reliable service arranged at your convienence.


A dirty job, let me do it for you.

To give your fish a healthy pond to thrive in, it is important to thoroughly clean your pond system on a regular basis. I will pay attention to every detail when performing a complete pond cleaning project. I will flush pipe work, clean filters, check UV’s. clean screens on drum filters etc. Whatever your pond set up I will supply a plan for a thorough clean of your whole system. Even cleaning detritus from the pond itself.


If a more complete clean is required, all fish can be removed and the pond drained for a deep clean. I can provide vacuum cleaning as well as pressure washer and disinfection if required.

Fish would be transferred to holding tanks for their safety and the pond could be drained to complete a full, hands on clean. After cleaning, the pond would be refilled and the fish carefully returned. Please contact me to discuss a plan and the costs associated with it.

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