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Exotic Holiday


A Break for you but reassurance for your pond.

Even koi keepers deserve a holiday. Sadly though, not everyone has a friend or neighbour they can trust to look after their prize koi while they go away. Please give me a call, we can arrange for me to either visit your pond to check on things during your time away or give a friend my number in case there are any issues. You will be able to relax and enjoy your break.



Relax and enjoy your holiday.


Don't panic I am here to help.

Some pond keepers do not always think about how to deal with their ponds while they are on holiday. They then spend their time worrying about it or end up trying to make last minute arrangements with friends on family that may not be ideal. Please get in touch, I offer complete pond care services at reasonable prices when you are on holiday or just temporarily unavailable to take care of your pond. I can visit your home while you are away or be available on the phone if required.

I will customise an affordable package for long weekends, 2 weeks or even a few months if that is what you require. Contact me as soon as you make your plans and tell me about your situation. I can then provide a solution just for you!


  • Complete care services while you are on holiday (filter monitoring or cleaning, fish feeding etc)

  • I can accommodate any time period you require.

  • Flexible and affordable prices.

  • Customised to fit your requirements

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