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Putting Your Fish First

If your water is good but your fish are not happy, then maybe it is time to check out your fish for parasites or a bacterial issues. If you are not happy catching, transferring and scraping your fish I can help. If you don’t have a microscope I can help. Give me a call if you need any help.



Above and Beyond

Detailed fish treatment

I will be able to offer a wide range of tests to determine what your pond and koi issues are. I can then determine a treatment plan and supply the required treatments. Our aim is to provide our fish with a healthy environment to thrive in and with my help you can achieve a plan to monitor and prevent potential problems.

  • Testing and diagnosis achieved by

  • Water testing

  • Mucus scrapes and detailed microscope inspection.

  • Wounds cleaned and topically treated

  • Fin problems and body damage cared for and treated.  

Visit pricing

Prices are based on an individual travel distance and work required. They will be based on a price for return travel plus two hours work which will cover most jobs. All tests will be charged on top of standard charge. After that a price will be offered at an hourly rate. I will bring all equipment with me with the exception of bowls, nets and socks in the interest of cross contamination and bio security. Any medications used would be an additional cost.

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